You can make your WordPress! website unavailable to visitors until selected date. To enable this option login to Admin section.

1. Click the Theme Options on admin menu.

2. Scroll at the end of General Settings

2. Find field Coming Soon Mode and click the ON/OFF button to enable or disable.

3. Next set date in filed Coming Soon Date.

Click the Save button to implement the new settings.

Note: The Coming Soon Mode will not be available if you are logged in as admin in your site, you will have to log-out or open the site in Incognito Mode or from another browser.


Title and description you can change in Appearance → Widgets. Find  ComingSoon  sidebar and change the widget on it. You can also publish different type of widgets if you like.


Coming Soon page can be easily customised in file – /wp-content/themes/pe-beauty-center/tpl/comingsoon.php